Paris for One and Other Stories – Jojo Moyes

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Do you want to believe in love again? Paris is the city of love. Lovers walk hand in hand down the Seine and enjoy the city of lights. What if your boyfriend doesn’t come with you on a romantic weekend you have planned a while ago? That’s Nell’s problem. She turns out to be alone in Paris not knowing what to do, until an unexpected encounter happens…

What is it like to have been married for many years and to have lost lust in love. Two lovers find love again during a weekend away from their children.

A robber does a holdup in a jewellery and chats up with a sexy saleswoman.

And other stories!

Jojo Moyes, author of Me Before You stages love at every part of humans ‘life. What is it like to be alone, to have felt love for someone else, to feel undesired? Jojo Moyes deals with love and its complications with subtilty, fun and wit! You won’t be disappointed!